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Now going to a facial skin spa is most women’s dream. But for most men, the thought it quite the opposite. Having said that, a lot more men are looking after their skin more. So with that in mind, I asked Tom if he wanted to accompany me at All Saints for a facial.

Granted Tom isn’t like most men, he was more than willing to come, but I would urge women to get their partners out of their comfort zone and come to a spa with you. They may moan about it before hand. But once they are there, they will more than likely enjoy it as much as you do.

So back to the topic at hand, stepping into All Saints is like dying and going to heaven. The interiors are so chic its more like a boutique hotel than a standard facial clinic. The treatments are all performance driven. So you aren’t going for an airy fairy relaxing hydra treatment. These ones involve steamers, LED lights and lasers. Although don’t get me wrong, I did for a brief second fall asleep under the LED light treatment. Very relaxing.

Upon arrival you are taken to the very black, luxe reception room, where you are greeted with fresh coffee, great art, flowers and enough fancy bric-a-brac to occupy your senses until your appointment.

We were then escorted to our huge treatment room. Amazing high ceilings, with a seating area, lots of light and a fireplace to make you wish it was always cold so you could justify installing one into your own home. On the table there was a marble tray with a personalised greeting card and a fresh orchid flower.

I was first. Tom settled into his comfy chair, coffee and phone in hand and watched.

Amy talked me through my facial, which was the Red-Carpet Laser facial. It started with a double cleanse and steam, followed by a blueberry smoothie peal, collagen induction laser, LED light treatment, oxygen treatment and then finally, a collagen peptide mask.

Now I have had many a facials in my time, but this one was honestly, hand on heart, the best one I have ever had. Not only relaxing, but I also felt like it was genuinely making a difference to my skin. So fresh, toned, smoother and clearer.

After it was finished, Amy popped out to let me get dressed and returned with a little collagen beauty shot, and a protein ball! It‘s these little touches which make this place so good at what it does.

So, next was Tom. I sunk into the chair and revelled in this! Haha. He had the Epinovan Treatment. He started with a double cleanse and steam as I did, followed with a Gommage to exfoliate, a light lactic peal, a vitamin B massage, then an infusion with Hyaluronic acid and to finish an LED treatment. He was glowing! And his skin looked awesome.

So ladies, my biggest words of advise would be, drag your man to the next facial you have. Or better yet, just go to All Saints.

Both of us can not speak more highly of this place! Thank you so much for inviting us All Saints! We will be back for sure.

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