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Public Dining Room - Mosman

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Balmoral Beach is pretty as a picture when the sun is shining in Sydney, and what better way to enjoy the view than at the sleek Public Dining Room. One of the more upmarket breakfast options in Balmoral but one definitely worth paying for. Perfect views, blankets with your tables and impeccable service. Even if you are wearing your daughter's unicorn headband!

We actually ended up here by pure chance! It was Fathers day and we headed to the boathouse in Balmoral. As we arrived the heavens opened! One downside to The Boathouse in Mosman is the lack of indoor seating. So, on the hunt for a quick alternative, we turned and saw the Public Dining Room. We thought it a massive long shot for any tables to be left, as its usually difficult to get a table an a normal weekend let alone Fathers Day, but gave it a go! And by chance, someone had just cancelled their table.

It’s easy to see why the Public Dining Room is so popular, with the stunning views of Balmoral Beach and the modern beautiful interiors. The breakfast menu has quite a few classics on it, with a few trendier items (like the Shakshuka) thrown into the mix too. Great coffee albeit a little small on the cup size. I do enjoy a large cup of Joe! Would definitely recommend this place! We will be back.

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