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LFW will always hold a special place in my heart. Not to be bias, British and all, but in my opinion holds the best of up and coming fashion designers, as well as the titans of fashion.

See below my top picks from the runway -


This collection marked the first of Riccardo Tisci vision as creative director. Naming it Kingdom, he says: “It’s like a patchwork or a mix of the British lifestyle.”

Consisting of a three-part collection, categorised as - Refined, Relaxed, and Evening.

Refined definitely consisting of the trademark Burberry style. With relaxed stepping into the streetwear, British punk realm. The ‘evening’ final brought some of Ricardo’s more well-known classic pieces he’s known for from Givenchy, but with a British Burberry sophisticated twist. If this collection is anything to go by, it would appear Animal prints are making a comeback for Spring!



From strength to strength J-W Anderson has slowly been marking his place in British fashion. I remember seeing his early collections when part of ‘NEWGEN’ at LFW and watching him evolve and trial his ever-changing sense of smart-but-feminine sartorial style. This collection is no different, in a good way. Its boho (I hate that word) but it is, meets fluid suit statement pieces, with a little dare I say it, pirate vibes. It's brilliant.



Its funny, even writing her name to this day whilst looking at her latest collection I’m still singing -I really, really, really, wanna zig-a-zig-ahh’ With all that aside though, Victoria is definitely a serious contender in fashions what-to-wear. Known for her smarter classic pieces and well-cut dresses, this collection built on that and added an almost Japanese element, but in a very feminine way. Not much for day dressing but who cares!



Now, Erdem visually Is one of my favourite brands to watch. His shows are, well shows! A visionary feast. But let’s not beat around the bush, unless you’re going to some swanky fashion event, there’s not much to wear from a day to day basis. Not that it bothers me. He is still my favourite haha!

This collection again ticks those boxes. Its non-classical sexy, its full-on, its voluptuous and garish and evokes Victorian references all at the same time.

Inspired by ‘Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton, who lived as women in the 1860s, also known as ‘Stella and Fanny. Moralioglu drew on that and produced a collection talking todays politics of gender, self-expression and identification no matter what the cost.

“Far beyond any perceived thrill of cross-dressing,” he wrote in his press notes, “these were individuals with the courage to explore the power of self-expression.”



Another all-time favourite of mine – Christopher Kane.

Inspired by an accessory he found in a sex shop in Tokyo, “A piece of lingerie used by women of the night and strippers,” as he described it. Which triggered the extremely intricate boned lace dresses, straps and belts. Its feminine but with a punch to the face. As always. With punk undertones and empowering women to be sexy and cool all at the same time. 80s jewel tones, shoulder pads crossed with stripper foreplay vibes. Plus how nice is it to see a denim dress make its way to the runway again. What more does a girl need!



Romantic-Victorian side notes again hit the runway in Rocha’s collection. With a little side of whimsical gothic wedding vibes. Not that I think she would approve of that statement! I fell in love with Simone as soon as I saw her glass heel ‘man repellent’ shoes years ago and thought, yes I need those. I still wear them to this day. Officially inspired by the Chinese side of her heritage, she explored the 16th century ‘Tang Dynasty’ and ‘Qingming’, the Chinese equivalent of the Day of the Dead. Which is very evident in the mysterious yet dramatic shapes that hit the runway. Another show-stopping crowd pleaser.

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