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Now I know this isn’t for everyone. Smelly old dirty things right. WRONG. Vintage shopping is one of our favourite things to do. More so with furniture than clothes. The idea of buying something with history, and that’s original which you aren’t going to find in someone else’s house is the best. Not to mention the eco-friendly part of it. No extra carbon footprint with these items!

In we step at Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre. A mecca for retro and industrial furniture, with a side of clothing, skateboards and the odd stuffed animals head.

You could spend hours in this place, getting lost between all the booths and digging through all the finds.

We did actually have a sourcing mission on this occasion - dining table chairs. When vintage shopping I do like to keep to a routine when heading into such huge emporiums like Mitchells. Start at one side and work your way up and down from booth to booth. Try not to deviate, otherwise you will end up getting lost or covering the same booth twice. Having said that, if something catches your eye, go for it. It might not be there when you eventually get to it otherwise!

Venice made herself right at home, picking out all the vintage toys and teddies and pushing them in a pushchair she found following Tom and me from stall to stall whilst we hunted for our chairs. I almost thought it was a loss until the very last stall in the back…There they were. Vintage 1940s oak and leather club chairs. The perfect size, colour and style. And to top it off, so deliciously comfy, you just sink right into them!


Pretty much opposite this joint you will also find ‘Mecca coffee’. If shopping dehydrates you the way it does me, please make time to go here. It has a very cool industrial vibe and the coffee and food is incredible. And did I mention they do great Bloody Marys!

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